Thelma Riley- Bio, Facts, Family Life of Ozzy Osbourne's Ex-Wife

Quick Facts of Thelma Riley

    [*]Full NameThelma Riley
    [*]Net Worth$600,000
    [*]Marital StatusDivorced
    [*]Hair colourBlonde
    [*]SpouseOzzy Osbourne (m-1971-1982-d)

Thelma Riley is an English School teacher who gained fame after marrying rock Icon, Ozzy Osbourne. He is an English singer, songwriter, actor and television personality. Ozzy was one of the leading members of the popular band Black Sabbath which sold album over 100 million.

Thelma was not a familiar face in the media until separated from the Uk hall of fame singer Osbourne. So what is Thelma up to now? Did she remarry? To find out continue reading the article below:

Ex-wife of Ozzy Osbourne

Thelma Riley married English singer Ozzy Osbourne in 1971 the same year they met. The ex-couple met at a nightclub called Rum runner where she worked which is also her hometown in Birmingham. After meeting for the first time they started dating for a couple of months and married soon after. Thelma shared a good relationship with Ozzy for a couple of years but things started to turn in havoc after former Black Sabbath singer started using drugs and even cheated on Thelma several times.

Thelma Riley with Ozzy Osbourne. Source: Glamourpath

Nevertheless, their marriage started to fall after a couple of years of marriage. Moreover, her children also admitted her father to be abusive towards her mother. Ultimately when things started to cross the lines she decided to part her ways with the singer. The ex-couple separated in 1982. It was at that time when Thelma started getting public attention. Besides, her husband soon married his manager Sharon Arden right after the divorce.

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